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If Chosen My Child would be able to particpate in the OC Regional Science Olympiad Competition on May 2nd, 2020?


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** 2020 Events **
4th Grade - Deep Blue Sea

This event will challenge the students knowledge about oceanography.Ocean



5th Grade - Starry Starry Night

This event will test the student's knowledge of astronomy in 2 parts (identifying celestial objects and answering questions about astronomical facts and conceptsstars




6th Grade - Wildlife Safari

In this event students will demonstrate their understanding of basic ecological concepts and their ability to identify various plants, birds, and mammals with the use of a field guideleaf


Combined Event - Bottle Music

Students will tune a set of bottles by filling them with different amounts of water and use them to play a tunebottle music



Combined Event - Egg Drop

students will construct a package to protect an egg from breaking when dropped free fall from a high spot

egg drop