Orange County Science Olympiad Competition

Saturday May 2nd, 2020

Jeffrey Trail Middle School
155 Visions
Irvine, CA 92620


Deep Blue Sea

Crime Busters

Disease Detectives

Map Reading

Starry Starry Night


Wildlife Safari

Egg Drop

Bottle Music

Mission Possible


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** 2020 Events **
4th Grade - Deep Blue Sea

This event will challenge the students knowledge about oceanography.Ocean



5th Grade - Starry Starry Night

This event will test the student's knowledge of astronomy in 2 parts (identifying celestial objects and answering questions about astronomical facts and conceptsstars




6th Grade - Wildlife Safari

In this event students will demonstrate their understanding of basic ecological concepts and their ability to identify various plants, birds, and mammals with the use of a field guideleaf


Combined Event - Bottle Music

Students will tune a set of bottles by filling them with different amounts of water and use them to play a tunebottle music



Combined Event - Egg Drop

students will construct a package to protect an egg from breaking when dropped free fall from a high spot

egg drop